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VidBlasterX camera switching
VidBlasterX overlays effects
VidBlasterX modular user interface
VidBlasterX live streaming

Live streaming in up to full-HD.

Personalise your live production.

Modular based user interface.

Smooth camera switching.

Professional replay module.

VidBlasterX video recording

 Full-resolution video recording.

Set shortcut keys with Macros.

VidBlasterX Screencapture module
VidBlasterX Macros API commands
VidBlasterX replay module

Advanced screencapture.

VidBlasterX comes in two editions and is subscription based. A valid licence entitles you to unlimited free upgrades. Try the free trial edition before purchasing.

VidBlasterX Trial FREE
Try the trial edition for free

VidBlasterX Studio USD/EUR 99/yr
Studio features & community support

VidBlasterX Broadcast USD/EUR 999/yr
Broadcast features & direct email support by developer

For more features & info visit the help.

Looking for the new VidBlasterX5?

Welcome to VidBlasterX, the most powerful and versatile live video production software.

Capture and stream anything from sports events & live entertainment to webcasts and presentations.

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