VidBlasterX v5.53 release

This release introduces the Playout module. This module offers multi-channel playout of a playlist. The module can be used standalone, but can also be slaved to one of the replay controller I/O modules or it can be controlled by 3rd party software over the API. It features two independent players and uses a switcher bus module for transitions and to mix output channels into one.

All editions now support multiple Recorder & Streamer modules. This used to be limited to the Broadcast edition.

The Slomo module now uses a new timecode making it more robust and allowing for recordings that last longer than 24 hours. A pause function has been added so replay functionality remains available even while recording is stopped.

The JLCooper I/O module is now more responsive and stable and several new features were added to satisfy demanding EVS operators.

The Skaarhoj I/O module now supports dual channel output (i.e. PGM/PVW), which uses two additional buttons on the XC8 controller: PVW & TAKE.

Upgraded NDI modules to v4.1.5. Better discovery, lighter on CPU.

Two new macro commands have been added: delay (sets delay in ms) and loop (enables continuous run). Macros now also run faster and in the background.

Lots of minor improvements were done to the JLCooper I/O, Multiview, Skaarhoj I/O & Slomo modules and in macro support and online activation.

Several new API pins have been introduced for the Slomo & Switcher modules.

Fixed several bugs in the Audio Mixer, JLCooper I/O, Multiview, NDI Input, Slomo & Switcher modules.

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