A multicam HD production from the comfort of your bedroom

Not too long ago broadcasting a live match without leaving your home would have sounded impossible. But last weekend this is exactly what a Swedish production company did with the help of VidBlasterX. A floorball match in Vimmerby was produced from the homes of the production team members in Stockholm, 400 km south of Vimmerby.

To capture the match, local camera men were hired. Camera feeds were converted to NDI to be streamed over the internet. At the vision mixer's home, VidBlasterX5 was used to ingest video and audio from the cameras, add graphics and perform switching. Multi-channel audio and program video was then converted back to NDI and, together with audio from the commentator's home, streamed to the audio engineer. The final mix was streamed back to VidBlasterX for recording and live broadcasting.

"The advantage of producing this way is that we do not have to travel and that the equipment in the arena is rigged in a very short time" says Henrik Wilsson. Using local camera operators and avoiding the need to have broadcast equipment and team on site, once again proved to be very cost effective without sacrificing quality.

For more information and free download please visit the VidBlasterX website. If you have questions about VidBlasterX or this production, please join the VidBlasterX communities on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Broadcast production by Wilsson Brothers AB. VidBlasterX v5.39 was used on a Windows 10 PC with an AMD Threadripper 1950x CPU. NDI over Internet bridge software supplied by Medialooks. Audio mixing by Dante. NewTek NDI is a royalty free standard to connect video equipment across a network and is natively supported by CombiTech VidBlasterX.

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